The Bee and the Dandelion

ISBN – 9781838170806

written by Joyce Murphy and illustrated by Catriona Lenihan

And the Leader said – 

We will make a New Law

All Shiny and New

To save all the Bees

And you Children Too 

Meet Sally, a girl who likes to pick dandelions. But when a Bumblebee flies onto her knee one day and begs her not to take his food, Sally realises how precious flowers are to bees and the environment.

With this new knowledge Sally and her school friends organise a trip to the leader of their country. Once there they persuade her to make a new law to protect the bees and their environment. 

Told in bouncy rhythm and rhyme, this book will engage children of different ages in different ways, making it an ideal book for the whole family. It also includes fun facts about bees. 

Heart-warming tale in the style of Julie Donaldson and Rachel Bright

Inspiration for Writing

My inspiration for writing ‘The Bee and the Dandelion,’ comes from my love of animals, insects and the environment. Bees and other insects work so hard on the planets behalf, creating pollination of plants and agricultural crops so that we can eat and view the beautiful diversity of the countryside.

I wrote this book to show children in a fun and proactive way how they can play their part in protecting our planet, the creatures that live on it and in the process, we can all learn to care for ourselves, each other and the environment. Scroll to the bottom of the home page to see ‘fun facts about bees.’ Alternatively go to the ‘Get in Touch,’ page to join our mailing list and get fun activities and facts about bees.