My Baby Bear Brother

written by Joyce Murphy and illustrated by SARAH FOUNTAIN
‘But funny to say I am not that mad
His cuddles are actually making me glad
I smile when he laughs and gurgles at me
And spins round and round on my knee’

Baby Bear makes an appearance into the family much to Mama and Papa Bears delight but one little bear is not so happy and that is Big Sister Bear Dottie. This is the story of an unhappy big sister whose life is turned upside down by the arrival of a new baby. Read about Dottie’s journey from jealousy to love, as she gets an opportunity to become a caring big sister for a very frightened little baby bear.

Told in bouncy rhythm, this light-hearted, sweet picture book story can help children and toddlers to adjust to a scary time with lots of changes and explore their feelings during what can be a challenging time in family life. My Baby Bear Brother will appeal to children of different ages in different ways and is a book the whole family can enjoy. Ideal for toddlers and older children ages 2-7 who find themselves with a new rival for their parent’s attention.

Personalised signed copies of My Baby Bear Brother are available to buy for Irish or International customers or for customers who do not wish to buy from Amazon. The books are located on the Buythebook website, which is an Irish website and then posted by me the author.

Inspiration for Writing

My inspiration for writing My Baby Bear Brother comes from my own experience of being an older child and the challenges that my younger brother and sister brought to my feeling of place and security in the family.

A small child hasn’t got the vocabulary to express or understand their feelings as they grow up and encounter changes in their family dynamic. It is therefore my hope this book will help to reassure young readers and help them to adjust to what can be a very scary time in their lives.

I also wrote this book to show big sisters and big brothers just how important they are and most crucially that they will always be loved.

About the illustrator

Sarah Fountain has been professionally designing and illustrating for children since 2007, after completing a BA (hons) in Illustration in 2006 from Camberwell College
of Arts. She still aspires to be like her role-model, Beatrix Potter, whom she has loved since childhood.

Sarah runs a small design agency on the North Shropshire, Wales border with her husband, Noel. They have two children and two cats, and a lovely old house. Sarah loves to cycle around the beautiful country lanes that surround their town, which combined with her love of animals, never fails to provide inspiration to her work, and even more reasons to look after the planet around her.

Sarah Fountain