The Girl with the Flaming Red Hair

Written by Joyce Murphy and Illustrated by Aleksandra Bieniek

I am the Girl with the Flaming Red Hair
My name is Rosie Red
And I light up like a flare 

Meet Rosie Red, the girl with the Flaming Red Hair as she skips, hopidy, hops through her fun-filled life. Every day is just one big adventure after another! The story unfolds around Grandma, Rosie’s patient older sister, her trickster little brother, fun parents, her exasperated teacher and friends who first stare at her and are then won over by her fun, charm and zest for life.  

The Girl with the Flaming Red Hair is an enjoyable children’s rhyme book – a story of a little girl and her life experiences and day to day activities expressed in verse. It will appeal to children who enjoy rhyme books by Julia Donaldson and Rachel Bright and the occasional nursery rhyme.  

This would make an excellent starter book for early readers. At the same time, toddlers, kindergarten and preschool children can use this book for early learning as it provides a repeating word pattern which helps children, who are only just beginning to learn to read, discover themselves and the relationships with those around them. It also includes fun facts about Red Hair and is perfect for children two years and older.

Personalised signed copies of the Girl with the Flaming Red Hair are available to buy for Irish or International customers or for customers who do not wish to buy from Amazon. The books are located on the Buythebook website, which is an Irish website and then posted by me the author.

Fun Facts about Redheads

- Only 2% of the world’s population have red hair.
- In Ireland, one in every ten people have red hair.

Inspiration For Writing

My inspiration for writing, ‘The Girl with the Flaming Red Hair,’ comes from my own childhood. Like Rosie Red in the book, I had flaming red hair as a child. At that time, it was hard to be different, and I was constantly teased by other children. This made me wish my hair was blond, black or any other colour.

Now I know better, and I am proud of my red hair as you should be too. Therefore, this book is my tribute to children with red hair who like me; make up only 2% of the world’s population. The book is a celebration of a child’s diversity, captured in fun-loving rhyme. To get more facts about Redheads and fun activities go to the ‘Get in Touch,’ page and join our mailing list.

Aleksandra Bieniek