The Girl With The Flaming Red Hair
The Bee and The Dandelion

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My name is Joyce Murphy and I am an Irish author. I write books for children of different ages. I love playing with rhyme and story while building a sense of innocence and fun into each book. Please feel free to browse my website if you are looking for picture books, early learning reading, educational rhyme books or adventures and thrilling escapades for older children. Personalised signed copies of each book are also available from the children’s corner, an Irish website and then the book is posted directly by me. These copies can be ordered from the ‘Get in Touch’ Page. Please scroll down to see a selection of my books and their age ranges and click to find out more about each one.

The Girl with the FLAMING Red Hair

1 – 5 year olds
When I catch her
I throw her up into the air so high
That her hair flap, flap, flaps
Like a bird in the sky.

Meet Rosie Red, the girl with the Flaming Red Hair as she skip, hopidy, hops through her fun-filled life. Every day is just one big adventure after another! Beautifully illustrated picture book told in verse.


The Bee and the Dandelion

3 – 7 year olds
“Because it is my
favourite flower
on which I love to dine”
“And Collect its
Sweet, Sweet Nectar,
In Summer Time.”

Meet Sally, a young girl who finds out that Bees are in danger and decides to rally her friends together and do something about it. Fast moving picture book told in bouncy rhythm and rhyme that lets children know in a fun way about the environment and our impact on it.


Kong and the Magic Jungle

5 – 10 year olds
“A Magic Gorilla,” repeated the parrot. “And he has made it that all of us birds and animals and insects can speak any language we want. For example, I can talk monkey, gorilla, parrot, lion, snake, crocodile, human and even spider language but speaking spider language makes your tongue go all sticky.” Billy tried not to talk to too many spiders because of that.

Joyce and her brother Olan set off to look for a Magic Gorilla, their parrot friend Billy has told them about. On the way they have thrilling jungle adventures with some angry gorillas and a daring escapade over some missing bananas. Kong and the Magic Jungle is a fast moving fun chapter book with B/W illustrations, perfect for children ages 5 to 10 years of age.