KONG AND THE hungry Crocodile

written by Joyce Murphy and illustrated by Aoife Nunan

Kong and the Hungry Crocodile is a fun chapter book. Perfect for children 5-10 years of age, the story follows the adventures of Kong, the Magic Gorilla and his three friends Joyce, Olan and Fiona.

Frankie, a very hungry crocodile with bad eyesight and glasses that don’t fit her eyes, is looking for a nice dinner. And she is so excited to hear Olan, Joyce and Fiona swimming in the big river that the hungry crocodile sneaks up and chases Joyce who gets cramp and can’t move. 

Will blowing the magic whistle bring Kong, the magic gorilla to save here? And will Frankie every stop biting Kong’s bottom. 

The adventure continues with Frankie fighting very hard to save her dinner, a float of crocodile babies looking for their mother, Kong searching for his magic stick and a huge surprise for Joyce, Olan and Fiona. 

Kong and the Hungry Crocodile can be read as a standalone book or as book two in the magic gorilla series. Look out for ‘Kong and the Magic Jungle,’ first book. This book can be a good choice for reluctant readers.

 Personalised copies of Kong and the Hungry Crocodile are available to buy for Irish or International customers or for customers who do not wish to buy from Amazon. The books are located on the Buythebook website, which is an Irish website and then posted by me the author.

About the Illustrator

Aoife Nunan is an animation student from North Cork. Inspired from a young age by character creation and animation design, she decided to study animation in college. During these studies, she developed a passion for illustrating and character design. This led to a love of strong line art and her work reflects her delight in the creation of exaggerated facial expressions and characters displaying a surrealistic portrayal of emotion.

Aoife was excited by the prospect of working on the illustrations for this book, as it gave her an opportunity to use her skills to create and inflect emotion into colorful jungle characters as well as the human ones. She also had a lot of fun creating the jungle scenes for this book.

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